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We love the Gateway Children's Museum. The kids have the best time there. I take them as often as I can. We usually go during the week while James is at work. I'm so happy that the twins are independent now and I can actually have fun too.

New House

In August James received a job transfer to Utah. After a hurried home search we settled on a lovely home in North Salt Lake and moved in September 2010. We immediately felt the cold!! Burrr! Time to change to winter clothes! Missing the warmth of California but excited to be with family and old friends.
Here is some of what the kids have been up to in the new house.

Miles drew this picture of him with mommy. I love it! His first drawing of people. Big Boy!

Enjoying Thomas toys, inventing ways to make the track rise, although it's not made for it...

Not the best, but the only pic I currently have of our home.

The kids sitting on the bottom step. The twins scared me everyday with these stairs! Each of them has fallen at one point or another but can now go up and down just fine.

We love our back yard! Lots of room to run. Only one side of the yard is fenced but it works! The kids love to see the neighborhood cats come through the back. Some stay and play. Miles has tried to convince me that he NEEDS a cat. Oh sweetie. I can't handle another baby in this house! LOL.


Julia's personality is really starting to shine. She is the funniest baby I've ever known. She loves to tease. When Miles or Lincoln cry she tries to comfort them. She loves to clean. She'll take the kitchen towel and walk around the apartment wiping things. In between wipes, she hugs the towel like it's a baby doll and gives it kisses.
Kisses. She's so good at kisses and hugs.


Miles' new favorite thing to do is steal cereal boxes and try to wear them. He discovered this works well with the huge Costco double boxes as pictured but was dissapointed when he tried it again with a regular small box. His solution: shred the box. Yay for mom. I love cleaning up cardboard and fishing it out of Lincoln & Julia's mouths!

Miles' first time eating Top Ramen. Now he's ready for college.


Mitzi's Wedding

A long car ride to Utah. A stay with great friends in their new amazing home in Saratoga Springs. Fun with family. Our first niece (on both sides of the family) married. A stop in Las Vegas on our way home to see the Haughtons, our wonderful friends that we met through the hospital project in Palmdale.

Linkies Shave

Julia won't stop pulling Lincolns hair. I've tried putting her in time-out, away from the fun to teach her it hurts. Just when she seems to understand how to be nice, there she is grabbing him by the hair, yanking him from his happy standing position to the floor. Poor Lincoln. I decided the only way to stop this was to cut his hair. Shave it off so Julia can't grab it. Here's James cutting his hair. Lincoln is so handsome. The hair cut makes him look older. I love his long locks but don't miss having to comb the curls. Lincoln doesn't miss it either!

James' Hospital

Well here it is. Palmdale Regional Medical Center.
(photos of the outside to come)
James took us on a tour of the completed hospital. This is the blessing that brought us to Palmdale the place we've called home these last 4 years.
As we toured the beautiful facility I couldn't help but think of the future human drama that will unfold there. Lives will begin and lives will end and hopefully a lot of lives will be spared. Thankfully James has survived the at times unbelievable stress and emotional pain of managing the construction of this massive structure. Along with the many new grey hairs he will walk away a better manager well prepared for the next challenge. We are praying that new challenge reveals itself soon as the current economy has hindered many plans to build.
We enjoyed seeing the nursery and examining the baby incubators. James' sister Augustina (living in Manchester, England) delivered pre-mature twins on June 15th and we were happy to imagine her little angel boys sleeping in warm little beds just like these. There's Miles peeking through one...


The Getty Villa

This Museum is just beautiful. It's located just of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Even the kids enjoyed themselves. After we stopped to play at the beach. I am having a difficult time arranging the photos... sorry they're out of order. When Miles can't reach something James always has him step on his foot, there he is on James' foot getting a drink.

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